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Global Malaysian Company Embraces Advanced Technology Adoption

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Verofax, a globally recognised company headquartered in Malaysia, is delighted to announce its newly formed strategic partnership with DoiKu, a leading blockchain technology firm based in Indonesia.

DoiKu and Verofax have agreed to join forces for the co-development, localisation, customisation, and delivery of advanced technology products and services. This collaboration, founded on DoiKu’s Layer Zero Blockchain technology, will empower Verofax to offer enhanced financial and banking services to thousands of farming cooperatives and businesses throughout the Malaysian and Indonesian region, paving the way for significant improvements in the financial service sector in these areas.

The Chairman of Verofax, Capt. Koh. and CEO DoiKu, Indi Nainggolan express their exhilaration about the potential advancements and technology adoption, offering the following statement:

“This initiative will unlock unprecedented access to services and technology for millions of individuals in the Asian region who previously found them inaccessible or unattainable.”

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